Jamie Harrison update – 16th and 17th August, Croft Circuit, Derby Phoenix

Jamie and the team made the long trip north for round three of the Derby Phoenix championship and after having no racing for six weeks he was raring to go.

Allcomers Qualifying was first on Saturday morning and after coming in mid way through the session to make some suspension changes to cope with the bumpy track at croft he went back out and set pole position.
Lap times were good and he was nearly 2 seconds a lap faster than the second place rider.

Race One

Race one was for the 1300cc fourstrokes and Jamie was starting from 3rd on the grid. Having missed the last round he was happy with that position as the grid positions were from championship positions.

The race started well and Jamie was able to progress to second place. After a couple of laps he decided to make a move around the outside coming into the complex, and then tried to make a break but the pit board two laps later showed he was being closely followed.

On the second to last lap he was over taken going into tower but as he headed for the next corner he could see a back marker coming up so positioned himself on the outside and was then able to pass both bikes and was back in the lead.

Onto the last lap he encountered a few more back markers but made sure he got to them first and he ended up crossing the line 0.9 seconds in front to take the win.

Race Two

Race two was the allcomers, and although Jamie started from pole in third position he was soon able to work his way up to second.

Jamie remained in second place and then as he was going round turn two the backend of the bike stepped out and flicked him up out of the seat and he landed on the tank, and although it looked as though he was going to save it the bike went again and flicked him high up over the top and off the bike, rolling him until he came to a stop against the tyre wall.


Disaster Strikes

Unfortunately after a trip to Darlington A&E it was discovered that Jamie has dislocated his collar bone so will be out of action for at least 6 weeks.