Jamie Harrison update – 24th/25th May, Anglesey

Jamie Harrison - Slaters Chartered AccountantsThis is our latest update and is from Jamie’s fourth meet of the season, which was at Anglesey and was a Hottrax Motorsport meet.

Saturday 24th May

The Saturday started off promising, with the sun shining however it wasn’t to last and it was soon raining.

The day started with the practice and qualifying session, however due to the changing weather conditions the team chose to go with wet front and intermediate tyres on the rear and once out on track it was obvious that it wasn’t dry enough for the intermediate tyres and Jamie struggled to get a fast lap in and ended the session in 10th place.

Race 1

By the start of the first race, the weather had changed and it was now raining quite heavily but despite this the warm up lap went well. The race also started well and by the second corner Jamie was up to 2nd place and right behind the leader.

On the 3rd lap going into the fast right hand bend onto the back straight the race leader, unfortunately, crashed in front of Jamie which meant that he took the lead.

At this point his lead quickly progressed to a four second lead, which continued and after another couple of smooth fast laps the lead was up to five seconds. Jamie continued to concentrate hard for the last two laps and crossed the finishing line in pole position to take his first race win of the year.

Race 2

The next race saw the wet conditions continue. After a shakey start, Jamie worked his way up to third place and not far behind the front two riders. All three riders were lapping at the same speed, so Jamie was looking for opportunities to get ahead which was proving a challenge. He tried taking a different line, but after giving it a little bit too much throttle, the bike flicked him up out of the seat but somehow he stayed on the bike! However what this did do was cost him a little bit of time but he continued to fight for his position and was able to catch the leaders back up. On the last lap he was lining a pass up in the last couple of corners but as they approached the yellow flags were out so he was unable to make a move, and he finished the race in 3rd position.

Sunday 25th May

Sunday arrived and the weather was mixed, as it had been on Saturday, so the team had made the same tyre choices and after the practice / qualifying sessions Jamie ended in 4th place.

Race 3

The first race on the Sunday saw the weather change and bring out the bright sunshine, which made for a dry track.

The race started well and Jamie maintained his fourth place position. Throughout the race he worked hard to keep up with the front three riders, and was starting to make some great progress, when the officials brought out the red flag which brought the race to an end, so Jamie finished the race in fourth place.

Race 4

The final race of the meet saw Jamie and the team make some suspension changes to the bike. The race started off well and he was able to get up to second place, however although the suspension changes made had improved the bike it had also affected the grip at the rear and he was struggling to get on the power and within a couple of laps Jamie had dropped to fourth place with fifth right behind.

With a few close moments, due to the lack of grip, Jamie had to work hard just to stay on and was still being pushed by the fifth place rider.

On the last 2 laps Jamie managed to pull a small gap between him and the fifth ruder, but he crossed the line in fourth place.

TV Coverage

This race will also be shown on Motors TV on the 12th June, so we’ll be sure to watch out for it and see if we can see Jamie (oh and the Slaters logo).