Jamie Harrison update – 27th/28th June, Anglesey

Jamie Harrison at Anglesey June 2015This race meet at Anglesey’s circuit was the Wirall 100 Club’s 100th meeting and attracted a strong field of riders.

Saturday 27th June


Saturdays racing was held on the coastal circuit and qualifying took place in the morning. Jamie steadily built the pace up and ended up in 4th position, which was a great result and with the new grid formation at Anglesey being three on a row it meant that Jamie was actually positioned just behind the rider pole position on the outside.

Race 1

The start to the first race didn’t start too well, as Jamie ended up in 9th position coming out of the second corner. He did however manage to make up a couple of places on the first lap, but then found himself held up for a couple of laps behind another rider that was fast down the straights but slower in the corners.
He eventually made a move up on the inside, and set off chasing the others and finally finished the race in 4th position.

Not a bad start.

Race 2

Jamie started the second race in 4th position, and this time was able to get a better start and held onto his position.

The riders in pole and second place were leading with a one second lead on Jamie, so were pulling away.

Jamie was very close to the rider in third position, and was running very similar lap times, but despite several attempts he just couldn’t quite make the pass and finished the race in 4th position, just 0.5 of a second behind the third place rider.

Race 3

The third race was the ifm-moto.com senior where both the 600cc and 1000cc bikes go head to head with the grid formed by fastest laps from the first races of the day.
Jamie started this race in 7th place, and after a good start was up to 4th place by the end of the first lap with the rider in 5th place right behind him.

The rider in 5th place kept making some wild passes, where he would get past Jamie but then run wide enabling him to hold his line and get back in front.

Jamie did his fastest lap of the day and finished the race in 4th position, a massive 2.5 seconds in front of 5th.

Sunday 28th September


Sundays racing was on the longer GP circuit Saturday night had seen rain so qualifying was on a drying track.

Due to the fact the track wasn’t fully dry the team decided to go out on full wet tyres but as the track dried out they started to overheat and Jamie’s lap times were getting slower, so by the end of qualifying he had ended up in 7th position.

Race 1

By the start of the first race the track had completely dried out. Jamie had a good start and after starting in 7th place was able to make his way up to 4th place after a couple of laps.

However after a few more laps he made a small mistake at the hairpin and braked too hard which meant that he ended up going wide and dropped back to 6th place. He managed to get back to 5th place but was struggling with getting the bike stopped and turned on the heavy braking areas of the GP circuit so couldn’t make it any further up the field and had to settle for 5th.

Race 2

Jamie started the second race in 5th position, and was able to get a good drive out of turn 3 onto the back straight and dived up the inside of two riders up to 4th.

With one of the other riders going out Jamie was up to 3rd place and with the bike feeling better he was lapping 1 second a lap faster than the previous race. He managed to hold onto his 4th position for the rest of the race and finish in that position.

Race 3

Race 3 was again the ifm-moto.com senior open.

In the first couple of corners there was a few wild moves going on by other riders, and just as Jamie was over taking a rider round the outside another one crashed right in front of them which spooked the rider Jamie was overtaking and saw him nearly take Jamie out.

Things settled down after that but Jamie just couldn’t run the pace of the front 3 riders and had to settle for 4th position.