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Jamie Harrison update – 27th/28th June, Anglesey

Monday, July 13th, 2015

Jamie Harrison at Anglesey June 2015This race meet at Anglesey’s circuit was the Wirall 100 Club’s 100th meeting and attracted a strong field of riders.

Saturday 27th June


Saturdays racing was held on the coastal circuit and qualifying took place in the morning. Jamie steadily built the pace up and ended up in 4th position, which was a great result and with the new grid formation at Anglesey being three on a row it meant that Jamie was actually positioned just behind the rider pole position on the outside.

Race 1

The start to the first race didn’t start too well, as Jamie ended up in 9th position coming out of the second corner. He did however manage to make up a couple of places on the first lap, but then found himself held up for a couple of laps behind another rider that was fast down the straights but slower in the corners.
He eventually made a move up on the inside, and set off chasing the others and finally finished the race in 4th position.

Not a bad start.

Race 2

Jamie started the second race in 4th position, and this time was able to get a better start and held onto his position.

The riders in pole and second place were leading with a one second lead on Jamie, so were pulling away.

Jamie was very close to the rider in third position, and was running very similar lap times, but despite several attempts he just couldn’t quite make the pass and finished the race in 4th position, just 0.5 of a second behind the third place rider.

Race 3

The third race was the senior where both the 600cc and 1000cc bikes go head to head with the grid formed by fastest laps from the first races of the day.
Jamie started this race in 7th place, and after a good start was up to 4th place by the end of the first lap with the rider in 5th place right behind him.

The rider in 5th place kept making some wild passes, where he would get past Jamie but then run wide enabling him to hold his line and get back in front.

Jamie did his fastest lap of the day and finished the race in 4th position, a massive 2.5 seconds in front of 5th.

Sunday 28th September


Sundays racing was on the longer GP circuit Saturday night had seen rain so qualifying was on a drying track.

Due to the fact the track wasn’t fully dry the team decided to go out on full wet tyres but as the track dried out they started to overheat and Jamie’s lap times were getting slower, so by the end of qualifying he had ended up in 7th position.

Race 1

By the start of the first race the track had completely dried out. Jamie had a good start and after starting in 7th place was able to make his way up to 4th place after a couple of laps.

However after a few more laps he made a small mistake at the hairpin and braked too hard which meant that he ended up going wide and dropped back to 6th place. He managed to get back to 5th place but was struggling with getting the bike stopped and turned on the heavy braking areas of the GP circuit so couldn’t make it any further up the field and had to settle for 5th.

Race 2

Jamie started the second race in 5th position, and was able to get a good drive out of turn 3 onto the back straight and dived up the inside of two riders up to 4th.

With one of the other riders going out Jamie was up to 3rd place and with the bike feeling better he was lapping 1 second a lap faster than the previous race. He managed to hold onto his 4th position for the rest of the race and finish in that position.

Race 3

Race 3 was again the senior open.

In the first couple of corners there was a few wild moves going on by other riders, and just as Jamie was over taking a rider round the outside another one crashed right in front of them which spooked the rider Jamie was overtaking and saw him nearly take Jamie out.

Things settled down after that but Jamie just couldn’t run the pace of the front 3 riders and had to settle for 4th position.

Jamie Harrison update – 9th May, Oulton Park

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Jamie - Oulton Park - 9th MayThis race meet saw Jamie and the team back at Oulton Park, and yet again more rain.

Jamie started with a practice but due to the wet conditions and a big oil spill around the circuit the practice session was cut short with the reg flags appearing after just three laps.


First up was qualifying for the open race and the track was drying out so the team decided to go with a wet front and a intermediate tyre in the rear.
As the track dried out the rear tyre was giving Jamie more and more grip and on his last lap he set the fastest lap to get pole position out of 41 riders.

Race One

The first race was the powerbike qualifier and by now the track had dried but just before the racers were called to the grid there was a very light shower so the team decided to go with intermediate tyres front and rear.

The starting positions for this race were determined by championship positions, and as Jamie hadn’t raced with race organisers NG this year he started out 12th on the grid.

However this didn’t stop him, and after a cracking start he was up to 4th place as he exited the 2nd corner.

Fast forward a couple of laps and he had moved into 2nd place, but made a little mistake a the chicane and had to go down the slip road but managed to re-join still in 2nd place.

On the last lap Jamie and the racer in 3rd place swapped places over taking each other a couple of times and both racers finished the race side by side. Unfortunately though Jamie had received a 5 second penalty for a track infringement at the chicane which put me back to 4th.

Race Two

The open race was next up and the conditions were good.

Jamie started from pole position but was just beaten to the first corner and had to settle for 2nd. With a strong field of TT riders and current and ex BSB riders he struggled to hold onto 2nd and lost a couple of places and finished 5th at the flag.

Jamie was able to get a new personal best lap time of 1.44.06 so he finished the race quite happy.

Race Three

The last race was the powerbike final where Jamie started 4th. On the second lap though he had dropped to 5th but this time managed to stay with the leaders for a little longer but was just losing time in a couple of places and started to drop back.

On the last 2 laps he had a good battle with another rider passing each other 3 times on the last lap and he managed to hold on to 5th by 4 tenths of a second.

Jamie Harrison update – 25th April, Oulton Park

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Jamie - TestingAfter a glorious week of sunshine leading up to the meeting by the time Saturday 25th April arrived the weather had changed dramatically with a cold wind and rain forecast.

The practice session combined with the qualifying went well on a dry but cold track, and after the dramas of the previous meetings qualifying sessions Jamie was pleased to see his name 2nd on the time sheet.

Race One

The first race was a 600cc/1000cc 5 lap mixed heat race and just before Jamie was called to the grid the rain that has been forecast arrived so a quick change to wet tyres was needed.

Jamie started from second on the grid but didn’t get the best of starts so lost a few places. He then had a big front wheel slide going into the first chicane, which was due to the wet weather, which meant that he lost a few more places.

At the end of the first lap Jamie had slid down to 18th place, but as the race continued, and he got used to the wet conditions, he managed to gain some places and finished the race in 12th place.

Race Two

As the day continued so did the bad weather, causing lots of delays due to accidents and oil spillages.

All of these delays meant that the second race didn’t start until 5.40pm, by which time the track had dried out but the temperature had dropped to 5 degrees.

Jamie started out from 14th place on the grid and was able to get up to 4th place, but the race had to be cut to only 4 laps due to the time restrictions.

Race Three

The 3rd race was cancelled as the club ran out of time to complete the full program.

Jamie Harrison race update – 10th/11th April, Oulton Park

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Jamie Harrison at Oulton Park

Friday 10th April

The Friday morning saw Jamie out for a practice at a sunny Oulton Park, a drastic change from the last race at Anglesey

After the practice session and some small set up changes he was happy and ready for the qualifying session planned in the afternoon. Unfortunately though the qualifying was postponed until the following day, due to a lack of circuit Doctors.

Saturday 11th April

Saturday morning was wet and windy so the wet tyres were back on and somehow the team forgot to fit the timing transponder to the bike which meant they didn’t record a lap time and would have to start from the back of the grid again.

Not the best start for the team.

Race one

By the time the first race was due to the start the weather had changed again and the track had dried out all though it was still cool and with a strong wind.

Jamie made some great progress the first few laps and attacked the race head on, trying to pass any many riders as he could to make his way up the grid. However it was soon apparent that there was a strong cross wind as the riders came over Hill Top and the wind caught Jamie and blew him off line knocking his feet off his pegs in the process.
He kept it steady though and continued to move up the field, finishing the race in 4th place.

Race two

Jamie started race two from 4th place. He was able to get a strong start and work his way up to second place coming out of the first corner, however by the end of the first lap he had gone back down to 4th place.

All the riders were fairly close together, and all looking at passing which was making it difficult but he was getting good drive out of Cascades which enabled him to pass up the inside at the fast Island bend .

A couple of laps later, and after making the same move, he was up to 2nd and closing on the leader. The gap was coming down but after catching some back markers in the wrong place his challenge was over and he finished the race in 2nd place.


Overall another positive race, which saw Jamie build on his good start from the first race of the season.

Mike Lyne, from Crewe Guardian, was also at the Track.

Click here to read his full article, complete with picture.

Jamie Harrison update – 28th/29th March, Anglesey

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015
Jamie Harrison racing at Anglesely, sponsored by Slaters Chartered Accountants

Photo of Jamie taken at the Wirral 100 race at Anglesey

Saturday 28th March

The plan for the Saturday had been practice and qualifying sessions, but Anglesey was very cold, wet and very windy meaning that the conditions were very poor for any practice or qualifying.

Due to the bad weather the day was mainly written off. The officials had no choice but to show red flags out on the track, which meant we had to keep stopping so the day only saw us get out for one 20 minute session at the end of the day.

Sunday 29th March

The Sunday morning was much the same weather wise with heavy rain and strong winds.

First up was a combined practice qualifying. Full wet tyres has been fitted to the bike in preparation, however before Jamie could even get out onto the track his visor had steamed up completely so he had to return to the garage.

After cleaning and re-spraying his visor with anti fog spray he tried again, but the problem still continued so he made a quick decision to change the visor completely. Fortunately this worked and he was out onto the track, however due to the delays it meant he only managed to get one lap in before the end of the session.

The session was plagued with yet more problems, as when he got back in the garage there were reports that the circuit timing system had gone down towards the end of the session which meant he hadn’t got a lap time and would have to start from the back of the grid.

Not the best start!

Race One

By the time the first race came to start the rain had stopped, but the track was still wet in places so Jamie stuck with wet tyres.

Jamie managed to get a good start and made some places up in the first couple of corners. He managed to get up to sixth place and had a good battle with the rider in 5th place, changing positions four or five times, before running out of laps and finishing in sixth place at the flag.

Race Two

By the second race the track had dried out so the bike was fitted dry tyres. Starting from sixth place, Jamie was able to get another good start and settled into fifth position right behind fourth place.

Jamie and the fourth place rider were both lapping at the same pace and although Jamie was faster in places, he was unable to make the pass and finished the race in fifth position.

Race Three

As the third race was about to start there was a light shower, but fortunately the track stayed mostly dry so Jamie stuck with the dry tyres.

Jamie started from 11th place this race, and had yet another good start and by the end of the first lap he was up to 3rd place.

As the race continued Jamie did slide a couple of times on damp patches on the track, so wasn’t quite able to make the ground up he needed to catch up with the first and second place riders, and Jamie finished the race in third place.


Overall not a bad start to the race season, especially given the bad weather on the first day.

A full race report can be found on the Wirral100 web site –