Jamie Harrison update – 4th and 5th Oct, Cadwell Park

Following Jamie’s accident at the Croft Circuit in August, and his bike being out of action, he hadn’t planned on attending the meeting, however at the last minute he was offered the use of another bike from a friend.

The weather on the Saturday was cold and wet and he decided that as he hadn’t ridden the bike he was using before he opted to sit out the days races and wait for the sunshine which was forecast on Sunday.

Due to the fact that Jamie had missed the qualifying, and races, on the Saturday he had to start from the back of the grid for the first two races, which were the Allcomers and the 1300 Fourstroke.

He did however manage to work his way up and finish 3rd in the first Allcomers race and finished 2nd in the 1300 Fourstroke race.

In the second Allcomers rate he also had to start from last place, but again he was able to steadily move through the field over the 10 laps to finish in 3rd place.

The next race was the last race of the day, and the season, and it was the 1300 Fourstroke.

Jamie started in 2nd place, but after a bit of a bad start he went down to 5th place. However he continued to make steady progress throughout the race and ended up finishing in second place.

Jamie’s lap times were slow compared to his ‘normal’ race times normal, but this was mainly due to him being on an unfamiliar bike and not being fully fit.

Overall though he was happy with the results.